Question Answer Fensing Berks County

Question Answer Fensing Berks County

Here are a list of pages that will cover some commonly asked questions we get in the Berks County fencing area:

 Yes, we offer free estimates.

For an estimate on an installed fence, contact us at 610.582.5207
An estimator will come to your property, take measurements, and help you determine what type of fence you need.


What payment methods do you accept?
We accept business and personal checks.


Do we need a permit for a fence installation?

Yes, most likely you will need a permit. A permit can be obtained from your township or borough office. Additionally, if you belong to a homeowners association or live in a historical district, you may need to obtain permission from whatever organization oversees your area.
When you receive your permit, your township will tell you the approved fence types for your neighborhood, the maximum allowed heights, and how far in from your property line the fence needs to be located on your property.