Chain Link Fences

This style of fencing is an affordable and reliable way to establish a boundary or perimeter on your residential property or commercial property.  They can very useful for both security and pet containment in the yard.

 Chain link fence consists of two elements – fabric and framework. The fabric is the wire mesh while the framework is the series of posts and rails which support the fabric.

Fabric falls into four main categories:

  • Aluminized – Steel wire is coated with aluminum by being passed through a bath of molten aluminum metal.
  • Aluminum – 100% aluminum alloy wire.
  • Galvanized (or “Zinc Coated”) – Steel wire is coated with zinc either before or after being woven into fabric. If it is coated prior to being woven, it is called “GBW” which stands for “Galvanized Before Weaving”. If it is coated after being woven into fabric, it is called “GAW” which stands for “Galvanized After Weaving”.
  • Vinyl Coated – Galvanized steel wire is coated with poly vinyl chloride (PVC). This fabric comes in a variety of colors such as black, brown, ensor green, or woodlawn green. (Ensor is a forest green while woodlawn is an olive green.)

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